Bill Clinton: The Political Rewards of Grievance-Based Politics Have Been So Immense that Nobody Can Give Them Up

‘Identity politics puts our future in peril’
By Grabien Staff



CLINTON: “I mean, anytime you spend all your time trying to settle past grievances or trying to focus on our differences instead of figuring out how to make common calls for a shared future we all want, I think you’re in trouble. And I think we have been through a period when, for any number of reasons, the political rewards of grievance-based politics and essentially name-calling and being negative have been so immense that nobody could give them up. Knowing all along, including members of the mainstream media, not just the right-wing media. Knowing all along that if you didn’t give them up, that put our system and our country and our kid and our grandchildren’s future in peril. And I basically think that’s what this whole shebang has come down to now. It’s not tribalism. We are all tribal. We can’t build identities except with reference to other people with different identities.”

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