Bill Maher and Matt Welch Get Shocked by Trump Support Among Latinos: ‘It’s Crazy,’ ‘Gigantic’

‘You’re not even getting the people you’re supposedly pandering to’
By Grabien Staff


WELCH: "Look at the vote totals in South Texas. It's crazy. Like, 90% or more Hispanic areas, they have flipped. It's a matter of 50 percentage points in some places towards the Republicans and towards Trump. It's gigantic. And Democrats I don't think even have a story to tell. There could be a story of, 'We're going to accept more refugees, we're going to make it easier to do this and that,' but they tell kind of a chaotic story rather than something that makes intuitive sense to people. And if you live in places like Chicago or New York and elsewhere, it is impacting your city in ways that you don't necessarily enjoy."

(via Twitter)

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