Blumenthal to Parkland Students: Kavanaugh ‘Is Your Worst Nightmare’

‘He is the worst nightmare of advocates for common sense sensible measures to stop the epidemic of gun violence in this country’
By Grabien Staff


BLUMENTHAL: “The fact is, I worked for a time in this building, I was a law clerk to Justice Harry Blackmun the year after he wrote the majority opinion in Roe V. Wade. I have argued cases in this building, four of them. I have deep respect, in fact, reverence for the United States Supreme Court as a central pillar of our democracy to speak truth to the powers across the street and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

So I’m here with sadness to say, Judge Kavanaugh, you don’t belong in this building as a justice. Judge Kavanaugh, you should not be serving in this building as a Supreme Court justice, because you have demonstrated an extraordinary hostility to the rights and liberties precious in this country that make this nation great.

So here is a memo to the Parkland students: If you care about commonsense gun violence protection, Judge Kavanaugh is your worst nightmare. If you want background checks or ban on assault weapons or any of the other commonsense sensible measures that we have in Connecticut or California or New York, Judge Kavanaugh will strike them down. That’s in his record. It’s indisputable. He is the worst nightmare of advocates for commonsense sensible measures to stop the epidemic of gun violence in this country. Give him a seat on this court and you can say goodbye to the measures in New York and Connecticut and California that have helped save lives.”

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