Boebert: ‘Liberal Rag’ Vox Changes Its Tone Based on Whatever Their Communist Overlords Say

‘This is political retribution against President Trump’
By Grabien Staff


BOEBERT: "You know, Laura, 'Vox' is a liberal rag that chooses its tone based on whatever their communist overlords say. Just like the DCCC, they suffer from Trump derangement system and can't see how this overreach threatens the civil liberties of all Americans. Look what has happened. Biden has weaponized the DoJ. Biden and Pelosi are currently weaponizing the IRS with 87,000 new armed IRS agents that are readily available to use deadly force. If the DoJ and the FBI can target President Trump and chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Scott Perry, they can target any American. And let me be very clear. This isn’t some records dispute with the National Archives. This is political retribution against President Trump and Chairman Perry. Think about it, Laura. Chairman Perry filed articles of impeachment against Attorney General Garland and then he’s the one whose personal cellphone is tracked down and taken by FBI agents? Attorney General Garland can send 30 FBI bullies, if he wants to, to raid President Trump apparently, but they cannot raid all 80-plus million Americans that support President Trump and make up this MAGA movement."

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