Brennan: Trump’s ‘Envious,’ Has ‘Feelings of Inadequacy’ When It Comes McRaven

‘I think at his core, Donald Trump is rather insecure’


BRENNAN: “I think in everything he does, he comports himself with the greatest integrity, the greatest competence, and he ensures that the women and men who depend on him are going to be able to look at him and say, 'That’s the type of person I want to follow.' And that’s why I think Mr. Trump may have feelings of inadequacy when it comes to Bill McRaven because I think at his core, Donald Trump is rather insecure. I mean, that’s why he inflates the size of his inaugural crowds and other types of things. Here’s Bill McRaven who has just such a tremendous record of accomplishment and contributions to our national security, and so I do think that Donald Trump is a little bit envious, maybe, of the great respect and reverence that people have for Bill McRaven."

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