Brennan on Unhinged Tweets: I Have a Responsibility as an American Citizen To Speak up Against Trump

‘I’ll continue to do that’
By Grabien Staff

CHUCK TODD: You have taken to Twitter. And your-- sometimes your language is pretty tough, particularly with this current president. And you got some criticism from a former Moscow C.I.A. chief by the name of Daniel Hoffman. He wrote this, he said, "Brennan's public statements carry weight. And he was doing Putin's bidding by driving divisive dialogue towards partisanship instead of helping to build consensus against Putin. Brennan is also fueling Trump suspicion that the Obama intelligence team was not treating him or his administration fairly." Essentially that your criticism's too harsh, it's too tough. And it, and it, it only feeds into Trump's critiques. What do you say to that?

JOHN BRENNAN: I disagree with that. I believe that I have a responsibility as an American citizen to speak up when I see some wrongdoings. And I have taken issue with a lot of things that Donald Trump has done. I'll continue to do that. For every comment like that I hear many other comments from my former colleagues saying, "Thank you, John," for voicing some of their concerns that they have. The fact that I'm critical of, of Donald Trump does not mean, in any way, that I'm trying to support Vladimir Putin. The exact opposite. I want to make sure that Donald Trump is going to take a tough line toward Russia and against Vladimir Putin. And I'll continue to put that pressure on him publicly if I feel that he's falling short of his responsibilities as the president of the United States.

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