Byron Donalds: The Only Debt Ceiling Plan Right Now Is the One Passed by the House

‘Joe Biden is saying he’s cut 1.7 million from the deficit and people are saying that’s not true’
By Grabien Staff


DONALDS: "Chuck, to be blunt with you, we're not really sure what deal's even on the table. The White House is not serious. They came up with a proposal to spend another $30 billion more than they already wanted to spend. They're not taking a look at the reality of where our country is fiscally. Look, Joe Biden is saying that he's cut $1.7 trillion from the deficit, but everybody's saying that's not true. That’s — what he actually has done is he's $1 trillion over what CBO was projecting spending was going to be because after all of the COVID spending in the last year of President Trump, that Congress wasn't going to extend that, and Joe Biden did. So we're in a situation right now where the only plan in Washington has been passed by the House of Representatives. It's the only plan. Joe Biden's not serious at the negotiating table. I've talked with my colleagues who are in that room.

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