After New Yorker Story, Media Issue Demands to Halt Kavanaugh Nomination

A second Kavanaugh accuser is spurring calls to further delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote
By Grabien Staff

No sooner had The New Yorker published an accusation that Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself at a Yale dorm party as a freshman did calls start coming for slowing down, and even stopping altogether, the judge's confirmation schedule. 

CNN, MSNBC, and Sen. Feinstein (D-Calif.) have all argued for slowing Kavanaugh's nomination. Feinstein is calling for postponing Kavanaugh's nomination altogether. 

On MSNBC, Mike Barnicle said it would be "insane" not to "pump the brakes" in Kavanaugh's hearings.


"There is so much going on in this story that we could spend the rest of the morning and all day today and tomorrow talking about it, but the first point is the one you just raised, given the extraordinary nature of the circumstances surrounding this, the charges by Dr. Ford, the charges as leveled by New York magazine by Mrs. Ramirez, it is insane not to pump the brakes on this process, to take a breather, to have the FBI investigate the background as well as they can," Barnicle said on Morning Joe. "hese are lifetime appointments, you’re supposed to look at the law as a neutral observer and decide on the basis of the law not partisanship and yet partisanship has always been there in the Supreme Court, but the hyper partisanship today is truly, truly dangerous."

On CNN, David Gergen, said the new accusations require slowing the nomination down: 

"It’s going to raise questions about his credibility," Gergen said. "What he said and the various things he said under oath. It's one of these things that the country deserves to go through this carefully and slowly even in order to get it right because it’s not just two people involved. This is a momentous decision for the Supreme Court."


On MSNBC, contributor Eddie Glaude Jr. said the news requires senators to "pump the brakes" on Kavanaugh's nomination. 

"We have to pump the brakes," Glaude Jr. said. "We've been on this accelerated kind of calendar. But the question why?"


And Sen. Feinstein issued a letter shortly after the New Yorker story went live, demanding an immediate postponement of Kavanaugh's nomination process.

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