Chris Cuomo: Can You Support Having Clean Air if You Don’t Believe in Global Warming?

Blackburn: ‘We all will agree that we want the Earth to stay healthy’
By Grabien Staff

CUOMO: "Well, the predictions you're talking about. I'm asking about something that you haven't addressed yet, which is the idea that our activities contribute greatly to what is warming our planet over time. Do you accept that?
BLACKBURN: "I think that there are those that would say, 'No, it is more of a cyclical process.' There are those that will say, 'ell, we do think humans have something to do with it.'"
CUOMO: "It's not 'some,' though, congressman. You know that it's an overwhelming scientific consensus on the notion of whether or not man-made activities negatively impact global warming --"
BLACKBURN: "No, I do not --"
CUOMO: "It's not an open debate within the scientific movement. It's a big majority and a small group of people that resist it on that level. Not the predictions, not the cycles, not what to do about it, those are all very debatable. I'm talking about the basic science. The last word on this?"
BLACKBURN: "The fact is that there is still debate about that and the participation of human beings in this. We all will agree that we want the Earth to stay healthy. We all want clean air, we want clean water. We also want productivity and we want to make certain that efficiencies in our electric grid are realized and we want to make certain that we are able to have the energy that is necessary to fuel a productive economy."

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