Chris Hayes to Durbin: ‘Is It an Impeachable Offense’ if the NYT Report Is True?

‘I hope you’ll forgive me if I duck that question’
By Grabien Staff

HAYES: "You were quoting portions of Watergate today on the Senate floor, and so obviously obstruction of justice is one of the articles of impeachment in Nixon's as well as bill Clinton's. Is it an impeachable fact that the president obstruct justice?"
DURBIN: "I hope you'll forgive me if I duck that question. I have said and many Democrats have said we're not going to get into that kind of speculation. What we want to do is deal with the reality of the challenge we face. And the reality of the challenge we face is the awesome need for a special prosecutor as quickly as possible to take over this investigation and to conduct it in a professional way, a non-political way. Secondly, I would hope that the White House, after this revelation, will not even consider sending a name of an FBI director until we have time to reflect on this and make sure the next person is clearly one who will be beholden to the law and to the Constitution and not in any way subservient to the president."

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