Chris Matthews: ‘I Think Trump Has Obama Envy’

‘He keeps bringing up Obama because he knows everybody likes the guy’
By Grabien Staff


MATTHEWS: "A Pew Research poll of 37 countries shows Obama got much higher ratings in the world stage than President Trump does today. Only 11 percent of Germans express confidence in Trump, that's 1 in 9, down from 86 percent who liked Obama. Even in Poland where Obama saw a small degree of support, he still outpolled Donald Trump. In that one, it was 58 percent for Obama compared to 23 percent for Trump. The only two countries where Trump fared a little better than Obama was Israel and Russia. Anybody who knows how contentious Israel is, it is roughly very close to 50/50. So it's not like a slam dunk. I'm joined now by Sam Stein and John Feehery. By the way, we went through all the list of all these countries that we sort of respect, you know, like Germany, France, United Kingdom, South Korea, Poland. In all of them, Obama is up in the 80s most of the time and Trump is down basically in the teens. Look at you, John, aren’t you being a — okay, why doesn’t it matter? I think trump has Obama envy. I think he keeps bringing up Obama because he knows everybody likes the guy.”

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