CNN: Clinton ‘Couldn’t Recall’ Answers to Several FBI Questions About Secret Server, FBI Documents Reveal

The FBI has released details of its July 2 interview with Hillary Clinton about her secret email server, revealing that she said she did not recall answers to a series of questions
By Grabien Staff

PEREZ: "One of the remarkable things we have learned looking at these documents is the way in which the FBI approached and questioned the secretary of state about how much she knew about the handling of classified information, whether or not she was properly trained on how to deal with the stuff, how to properly dispose of it, and frankly what to do when she finally left the State Department with all the information that she had on this private server. And repeatedly what you see in her answers from her 302, from the interview that was done with the FBI, is that she doesn't recall ever being trained or ever being told how to handle this classified information. And that's one of the things that really stands out here. I think we got a picture of that a little bit from the FBI director who said in his testimony to congress in July and August that he was surprised to find that Mrs. Clinton was -- seems to be ignorant about the rules that govern how to handle classified information. For someone in her position he was really shocked to see how little she knew about how the way information was supposed to be labeled when it was being sent on these unclassified e-mail systems. And you get that sense with that interview from the FBI. She repeatedly says she does not recall when she's asked about it."

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