CNN Highlights the Many ‘Biden Headaches’ He Caused Last Week

‘This is not the only problem the president has to face waking up this morning’
By Grabien Staff


WRIGHT: "This is not the only problem that the President has to face waking up this morning. As you can see on the screen, he has a litany of issues from that immigration bill to the dispute over France, something over — excuse me, the sale of nuclear-powered submarines. And now White House official told me yesterday that the President is looking — is intending to speak with president — French President Macron after the country pulled their ambassadors and he looks forward to doing so, to the situation under the Del Rio Bridge in Texas where thousands of migrants have set up those tent encampments and to the White House finally having to answer for their drone strike in Afghanistan that killed 10 civilians. So, the President has a real deck of issues that he needs to solve this week."

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