CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Calls on Biden to Implement Trump’s Immigration Policies: ‘It’s the Right Policy’

‘I would wish he’d do something much more extreme, like, say the old asylum system is dead’
By Grabien Staff


HOOVER: "So strategically, you think that --"
ZAKARIA: "I think it would be --"
HOOVER: "-- if Biden would tack --"
ZAKARIA: "Yeah."
HOOVER: "-- towards Trump policies --"
ZAKARIA: "Yeah. And by the way, it's --" [crosstalk]
HOOVER: "-- he would have actually a better -- better political chance."
ZAKARIA: "And it's also the right policy because the -- the old asylum system is being gamed --"
HOOVER: "Yeah."
ZAKARIA: "-- by millions of people."

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