CNN’s Harlow to Rep. Jayapal Trying to Dismiss the Poll Showing Majority of Americans Want Spending Cuts: ‘That’s Not What the Poll Says’

Harlow: ‘Is your position out of step now, congresswoman, with the majority of the American people?’
By Grabien Staff


JAYAPAL: “I guarantee you that you would have even higher numbers that say let's make sure that we're making the wealthy pay their fair share.”
HARLOW: “But Congresswoman, that's not what the --“
JAYAPAL: "And that's the other thing we've been saying to the Republicans.”
HARLOW: “But that's not what the poll says. This is the exact question that was asked of voters. ‘What should Congress do on the debt ceiling?’ Raise only if spending cuts, 60 percent. Raise no matter what, 24 percent. Not raise and let U.S. default, 15 percent.”


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