CNN’s Preston: Biden Critics Aren’t Telling You He’s Gone to Police Funerals Before, He Did in 2014

‘So, you can have it both ways’
By Grabien Staff


PRESTON: “When it comes to the split-screen moment, he is right, in the sense that it doesn’t necessarily look good. But the reality is, is what they’re not telling you is that Joe Biden has been to these funerals in the past. In fact, back in 2014, he had gone to an officer’s slaying who was gunned down just sitting inside his patrol car. The fact of the matter is, this fundraiser was put on. Yes, people in Middle America look at New York and they look at L.A., and they say, look at the glitz, look at these limousine liberals telling us what to do. But that’s the reality is — and at the same time that the Trump campaign comes out and says, look, he’s going to raise $25 million, three hours later, they [came] out and said, we’re going to raise $33 million. So, you can have it both ways. But, in this political world, unfortunately, you can.”

(Via Breitbart)

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