CNN: Ukrainian Ex-Prosecutor Says ‘Many of the Allegations in the Whistle-Blower Report Are Not True’

‘But he hasn’t specified which of those things he doesn’t agree with’
By Grabien Staff


CHANCE: “Well, I can tell you who he is. He is the former Ukrainian prosecutor general. He has emerged after we were wading through all these various documents, including the whistleblower testimony, as perhaps the key figure out of Ukraine, liaising with Rudy Giuliani and, by extension, with President Trump. Out of all these extremely contentious stories and speculations and conspiracy theories you’ve been hearing so much about, including the role that Ukraine played in meddling in the 2016 election, specifically that allegation against former vice president Joe Biden and the propriety of his intervention to have a former prosecutor in this country taken away from his post, Lutsenko it seems was the main source for all of those stories or at least he crystallized all those rumors in a way that Rudy Giuliani was able to talk to him about. And he isn't just a guy that walked in off the street. Remember, this is the prosecutor general of this country. He’s saying that many of the allegations against him or the things that have been said about him in the whistleblower report are not true, but he hasn’t specified which of those things he doesn’t agree with.”

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