CNN’s Dana Bash Defends the Bidens: ‘For the Record, There Is No Evidence That Joe or Hunter Biden Did Anything Wrong’

Kellyanne Conway: ‘There is no evidence that Donald Trump did anything wrong’


>> Even if Joe Biden were not running for president and still a private citizen going off into the set, would it be okay for the — the president of the United States, yes or no, to ask another foreign leader to —
>> For corruption —
>> To investigate an American citizen.
>> That is not — that sounds like a very oversimplified presentation of what is happening here. What is happening heres is the president of the United States said, penal are talking about this prosecutor and, excuse me, in this investigation. And we have Joe Biden bragging on tape in January of 2018 and I said I would be Ott ground in 90 more minutes and if you don’t believe me call Barack.
>> For the record, there is no evidence that Joe or hunter Biden did anything wrong.
>> There is no evidence that Donald Trump did anything wrong.

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