Comer: We Have More Bank Records of Biden Family Members Receiving Money From China

‘There is no denying it now with the bank records’
By Grabien Staff


COMER: "Well, we have bank records. We have bank records for one of the 13 banks in hand that were used by the Biden family members in these business schemes. So, these bank records prove that the Bidens did receive money through a shell company from the Chinese Communist Party. So, this is the first link. Hopefully, within the next 48 hours, we will have more bank records from another bank and we will just keep following the money. We know from our sources that have come in, the whistleblowers, where the money trails are. And, of course, the Democrats have denied it, the White House has denied it. There is no denying it now with the bank records. And now Treasury is forced to have to give us the suspicious activity reports because they acted all along like there was nothing there. Well, I can assure you there is something there and everyone knows it now."

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