Cupp: DeSantis ‘Has a Really Great Chance of Becoming the President of Florida’

‘Six-week abortion bans are unpopular in the state of Florida among Republicans’
By Grabien Staff


CUPP: “I think he has a really great chance at becoming the president of Florida, but outside of Florida, as you say, these are really, really unpopular. Let me say that six week abortion bans are unpopular in the state of Florida, among Republicans. So some of this stuff is just a non-starter. In fact, I think Congresswoman Nancy Mace called this abortion ban a non-starter. So he's alienating a ton of voters that he'll need to both win a primary and a general. And he's doing that I think, because he's made being anti-woke his entire personality. And that's not really a full national platform. Again, that's a great way to win in Florida.”


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