De Blasio on People Cutting Locks and Breaking into Playgrounds: ‘We’re Not Going to Allow People to Take the Law into Their Own Hands’

‘So people are not allowed to open up a playground that is not yet available to the public’


DE BLASIO: "Yeah, we're not going to allow people to take the law into their own hands. It just doesn't work. So, people are not allowed to open up a playground that's not yet available to the public. It's for a reason. Look, I was very sympathetic in the beginning to every parent, as a parent myself, why people want to be on these playgrounds. We tried to make it work. It wasn't working effectively. Right now we're not going to make a change with the playgrounds until we get to phase two. Phase two, as everyone knows, could be as early as June 22nd. I've said I think it's going to take a little longer than that, just to make sure we're absolutely certain. But until the order is given that playgrounds are open, people need to stay off the playgrounds. It's not appropriate to take their own action. We're doing this so that we can get to phase two and beyond. I understand people's frustrations. But if folks acted prematurely and that causes the disease to start spreading again, then that's the kind of thing that will undermine our ability to get to phase two and stay in phase two. So, I know it's not easy, but people have to understand there's a reason for these rules, is to help us move forward."

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