Dem Strategist on Kyrsten Sinema: ‘She Just Had to Come and Have an Attention-Seeking Moment’

‘She just had to come in and ruin the week for everybody’
By Grabien Staff


TOLLIVER: “The reason she did this is because she knows she is worse than underwater with Arizonans and voters across that state, and she knows that this is about self-preservation. I do think that it is a slap in the face to every Georgia voter, every Democratic advocate or organizer who worked and fought tooth and nail for that 51st seat, for her to now throw it into jeopardy, all in the name of self-preservation. I also think that she’s done a bit to sabotage that seat in 2024 for Democrats, because she has that independent seat, even though she is underwater, of course, she might get some votes. And that could cost Democrats that seat in 2024. So, I feel like she just had to come in and ruin the week for everybody, honestly! We had the release of BG — shout out to the Biden Administration for securing that — and we also had Senator Warnock, and she just had to come and have an attention-seeking moment at the end of the week.”

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