Dershowitz: ‘I Would Be Making the Same Constitutional Argument’ if Hillary Were President

‘I am here today because I love my country, and our Constitution’


DERSHOWITZ: “I stand before you today as I stood in 1973 and 1974 for the protection of the constitutional and procedural rights of Richard Nixon, who I personally abhorred, and whose impeachment I personally favored. And as I stood for the rights of Bill Clinton, who I admired and whose impeachment I strongly opposed. I stand against the application and misapplication of the constitutional criteria in every case and against any president without regard to whether I support his or her parties or policies. I would be making the very same constitutional argument, had Hillary Clinton, for whom I voted, been elected and had a Republican House voted to impeach her on these unconstitutional grounds. I am here today because I love my country, and our Constitution. Everyone in this room shares that love."

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