Dimon: ‘I Find Shocking’ Some Dem 2020 Candidates Even ‘Consider Themselves Qualified’

‘There is a lot of people running, some are qualified’


HARLOW: "You yourself have said that your heart is a Democrat, but your brain is more Republican right now. What do you make of the direction the Democratic Party is going in as a whole right now?"
DIMON: "There is a lot of people running, some are qualified. Some are completely inexperienced, by the way, which I find shocking that they would consider themselves qualified. I'm not going to give you their names."
HARLOW: "You guessed my follow-up question."
DIMON: "But let it sort out."
HARLOW: "I’m sure you saw this Gallup poll a few months ago that Democrats as a whole now have a more positive view of socialism than capitalism."
DIMON: "These are slogans. Traditionally, socialism is where the government owned the means of production, companies. I don’t think even the Democrats want that.”

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