Disney Employee: ‘We Demand’ the Company Taking Political Action Against DeSantis

‘We want action and not just continued lip service’


MARTINEZ: "Nicholas says he‘s participating in the Tuesday walkout."

UNKNOWN: "Letting the company know, this is where we stand and we demand, the hashtag is on my Zoom background, #disneydobetter. They need to continue to do better for all of us." 

MARTINEZ: "Nicholas says he‘s worked for Disney in Florida for 4 years."

UNKNOWN: "I love Disney. I absolutely love my job and what I do and bringing about magic." 

MARTINEZ: "Now he hopes the company works to gain his and others‘ trust back."

UNKNOWN: "I absolutely love it. But what I don‘t love is inaction. What I don‘t love is a company saying they stand with us and then they just do the complete opposite." 

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