Don Cherry: I Got Fired for Using the Words ‘You People’

‘I stand by what I said, and I still mean it’


CHERRY: “I thought I did a good thing, he had this book for diabetes, I did for two young lads who died in ‘15 and ‘17, that was never mentioned. I did a great thing, I thought, for 1500 troops at a hockey game in Branson. They were all forgotten. The one thing that got me was “You people.” I suppose, if I had to do it over again, I would have said “Everybody.” But “You people” are the people they listen to. The silent majority are always silent. The forces are with me. Everybody is with me. The firefighters, the whole deal. But it doesn’t make any sense, and I was brought in, and I was told that I was fired, after 38 years. You know, I stand by what I said, and I still mean it.”

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