‘Donald Trump’s Service Animal’: Obeidallah on Rick Scott’s Courtroom Presence Amid N.Y. Trial

‘Essentially, his emotional support animal’
By Grabien Staff


OBEIDALLAH: “It’s remarkable what Molly said is so true, Rick Scott, the senator from Florida flies to New York to be Donald Trump’s service animal, essentially, his emotional support animal. A service senator sitting in the courtroom. You have, Tim Scott, J.D. Vance, the puppy killer. I think there should be a physical competition. I don’t think this is enough. I think there should be a steel cage match, three go in, and one comes out. Whoever wins, whoever beats the others is enough gets in there, that’s the one who is going to win because they can all say the right thing. I want to see who is really going to fight for Trump like they did on January 6, that was physically fight for Trump.”

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