Donny Deutsch: Dems Must Brand Republican Party as ‘The Party of Assault Weapons’

‘Every Democratic candidate should say we’re the party of protection’
By Grabien Staff

DEUTSCH: "I think it’s a moment in time and I think the Democrats need to stand up at this moment. It’s about assault weapons. Yeah, it’s so ridiculous to talk about — I know it’s, 'Oh, it’s a move in background checks and red flags.' That would not have stopped the shootings. And the trauma — the surgeon at acute trauma said they have done a study between 2001 and 2017 that 70% of the mass shootings — 70% would not have died if not for assault weapons. That’s the game. And what I don’t understand now from both the human and political point is 70% support for a ban on assault weapons. Democrats, draw a line. 'The Republican Party, you are the party of assault weapons and we are against it.' I find it ironic that the Democrats will push for impeachment and go, 'We know it’s not politically expedient, but ideologically we have to stand by it,' yet they won’t do that when it comes to the assault weapons. Every Democratic candidate should stand up and say, 'We’re the party of protection and the Republicans are the party of assault. Not only assault weapons, but assault on the truth, assault on wages, assault on universal health care.' Make them the party of assault. This is a moment in time that leaders step up and — I just find that we all go blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. It doesn’t matter until we get the assault weapons."

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