Eli Lake Claims ‘Reason’ for Progressive Anti-Semitism Is ‘Ideological’: This Is an ‘Article of Faith’

‘The reason you are having this spike in antisemitism and anti-zionism on campus is ideological’
By Grabien Staff


LAKE: “Al Jazeera has platformed Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood for decades.”

ROBERTS: “Well, they’re based in Qatar.”

LAKE: “Yeah, they’re based in Qatar and Al Jazeera is funded by Qatar. So, it’s a problem.”

ROBERTS: “Right. But does correlation equal causation?”

LAKE: “I would say the reason that you’re having this sort of spike in anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism on campus is ideological. This is article of faith for the same people who will tell you that if you misgender someone, you’ve committed a terrible crime.”

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