Elie Mystal: ‘I’m Willing to Believe in Hell Just So that Trump Has Some Place to Go in the Next Life To Be Held Accountable’

‘In this life, it’s still up in the air’


MYSTAL: “Look, I’m willing to believe intelligence so Trump has some place to go in the next life to be held accountable. In this life, it’s still up in the air. I do think the January 6th committee deserves a round of applause. They’ve done a great job. The reason why we know they’ve done a great job is twofold. One, we see a jolt of action from the Justice Department. I said on the show, I said another shows, before the hearing started, that the hearings had an audience of one. And that one person was Merrick Garland. I think that we’ve seen with his actions, during and after the hearings, is that he understands, now, that the public knows that Trump has committed various crimes. And the public will not accept giving Trump a pass. And so we see not just a – a new level of action from the DoJ, but a new level of trying to explain with the actions are to people so they have some confidence the DoJ is an asleep at the wheel. Denver six, great job on that.” 

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