Emory Professor on Hurricane Dorian: ‘These Storms Are Manmade Storms’

‘Now we are begining to see these storms frequently’


YANIQUE: "Yes. Good morning, Amy. Good morning, Juan. Thank you for having me again. The truth is that the storms that are hitting the Caribbean with this intense magnitude are historic, unprecedented, and these storms are manmade storms. When I was growing up in the Caribbean, we would get really dangerous storms once a decade, and now we're beginning to see them regularly. The Virgin Islands was hit by two category 5 storms only two years ago while President Trump indeed was our president, category 5 storms Irma and Maria in 2017. And to see now that the coverage is saying things like Dorian is going to hit the United States later today is incredibly insulting, an ongoing insult to the people of the United States Virgin Islands because Dorian hit the United States Virgin Islands on August 28 when it hit Saint Thomas and Saint John. It's — as Dr. Campbell said, it is quite ironic and saddening that the people who are most vulnerable to these manmade storms are the ones who in all cases are not the contributing factors to the carbon emissions that are causing these storms. These storms are being caused in huge part because of capital, U. S. North American capital, and places like the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas are the ones that are most vulnerable to these things."

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