Errin Haines: ‘It Would Be Political Suicide for Democrats To Get Rid of Vice President Harris’

‘Jettisoning the first black woman vice president ... that is a non-starter’
By Grabien Staff


HAINES: "Look, I think it’s absolutely relevant to raise questions about his age. He was elected as the oldest president in our country’s history. That’s something that has not changed over the past three years. And so, questions about whether she is ready and capable for the job are certainly worth asking. But at the same time, it is not as though she has not been somebody who’s shows herself to be a partner to this president. Somebody who has really found her footing in the last year, especially around issues of rights and the case for the threat to democracy. And so, really, I think the main point is that jettisoning the first black woman vice president, the people that I’ve talked to on the record have certainly told me that that is a nonstarter and basically have said it would be political suicide for Democrats to get rid of Vice President Harris.”

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