Fauci: Omicron Is Less Severe in S. Africa Because of Natural Immunity from Delta

‘It is likely that the reason it is less severe is that in South Africa a very large proportion of the population has already been infected and recovered’
By Grabien Staff


MITCHELL: "But this is basically anecdotal evidence, we don’t have laboratory data to back -- back up conclusions about its severity." [crosstalk]
FAUCI: "Not in -- yeah, not in this country, but the data -- we were on the phone on the Zoom call over the week with our very cooperative South African colleges, colleagues, and the data looked pretty convincing that when you look at the ratio of hospitalizations through infections it is lower than with Delta and the duration of the hospital stay is less and the requirement for oxygen is less. So at least in the demographic setting of South Africa it appears to be less severe. Let’s hope that we see that in this country. But in this country, you’re right, it’s anecdotal.”

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