Flashback: Biden Vowed to Filibuster Judge Janice Rogers Brown If Nominated, She Would’ve Been the First Black Female Justice

‘I misspoke, Janice Rogers Brown is what I meant to say’


BIDEN: "Excuse me. By the way, I misspoke, I misspoke. Janie Rogers Brown is what I meant to say. I misspoke."
REPORTER 2: "But wasn’t she wasn’t she — wasn’t she just confirmed, though? How do you invoke the extraordinary circumstances clause of the agreement of the Gang of 14 for somebody who's just been confirmed?"
BIDEN: "Because a circuit court of a judge is bound by stare decisis. They don’t get to make new law. They have to abide by the —  for example, she — "
REPORTER 2: "So what you’re saying is that Supreme Court’s different than — "
BIDEN: "Different ballgame."
REPORTER: "Right. Okay."
BIDEN: "Totally different ballgame."

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