Fmr. CIA Chief of Russia Operations: To Pull the Trigger and Go To War Against Russia Is ‘A Tough Thing’

‘Correctly the administration is being very cautious in that regard’


GOLODRYGA: “We continue to see these horrific images of civilians fleeing for their lives, maternity wards bombed. Right? Indiscriminate bombing on the side of the Russians. At what point does the U.S., does NATO step up more, perhaps even militarily?”
HALL: “Yes, this is the -- this is the big question for me, Brianna. Because as we've seen, Ukrainian President Zelensky has been extremely effective in showing exactly what is being brought down upon his country by the Russians, whether it's the killing of innocent children, you know, hospitals. We've seen all this before in places like Syria and even in the Balkans. So as those pictures continue to reach us and other of our Western allies, I think the question is going to be at what point do we say, look, we can't -- we can't withstand this anymore. We must do something. And that is something that I think President Zelensky is very much interested in. And to the extent that NATO is ready -- of course, military, it is. But the political will to actually pull that trigger, literally, and actually go to war against Russia, that's a really, really tough thing. And right now, I think correctly, the administration is being very, very cautious in that regard.”

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