Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Calls Trump ‘Visceral Animal’ Over Image Depicting Biden Hogtied in Back of Truck

‘That concept is way above Donald Trump’s pay grade, or I think intellectual capacity because he’s a visceral animal politically and in business’
By Grabien Staff


STEELE: "That is something. That concept is way above Donald Trump’s pay grade or, I  think, intellectual capacity, because he is a visceral animal politically and in business. He feels that what he says is true. And I think that is part of the problem in this environment, is he thinks it's truth, what he is saying. The court system wants to give him the latitude that it would give folks out there, you know, not stifle their free speech. But he has shown his capacity to not give a damn about that. So it still amazes me how much the system bends itself over backwards. You have Adam Reese and Lisa Rubin and Zoey Richards published on Friday, 'Tuesday's order did not Merchan and his family members — a loophole that Trump seized on Wednesday.' So you are sitting here going, don’t you know who is sitting in front of you?"

(Via Mediaite


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