Fox News: CA State Senate Approves Bill Giving Unemployed Illegals $300 Per Week

‘The bill is expected to pass the assembly’
By Grabien Staff


CAIN: "Now to the state of California where the state Senate approved a plan to pay unemployed illegal immigrants up to $300 a week. Democrats justifying the program saying, 'Due to historic racial exclusions, many of the California’s most vulnerable workers are entirely excluded from the program.' The bill is expected to pass the assembly, Governor Gavin Newsom has not said if he’ll sign it into law. So, unemployed, illegal, $1,200 a month, $300 a week. Welcome to America."

HEGSETH: "Welcome to America. Get across the border, get to California, don’t get a job, get paid?"

CAMPOS-DUFFY: "Well, or you could self-identify as an illegal immigrant and not work in California, I suppose. I mean, this is outrageous, the amount of money they’re getting. Why wouldn’t every illegal immigrant go to California for that?"

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