Fox News: Trump Spent More Money Attacking DeSantis Through PAC and Ads Than Supporting 2022 Midterm Candidates

‘That’s a pretty staggering fact’
By Grabien Staff


BAIER: “Tomorrow, 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time, Governor Ron DeSantis will officially become a candidate for the presidency in 2024. The interesting thing about it is, one, his choice of venue, using Twitter and interview with Elon Musk, that springboard perhaps to touch the MAGA faithful, and also that he has made his rounds. He has been to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, he's been to other states already, and now the official campaign begins. So the question will be whether he closes the gap with the former president or whether this becomes a real brawl. We have already seen the former president, Donald Trump, spend more money on Ron DeSantis through his PAC and ads than they spent on supporting candidates in the midterms of 2022. That’s a pretty staggering fact."

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