Frank Figliuzzi: Extremists Are Talking About a ‘Civil War’ Ahead of Trump’s Tuesday Arrest

‘Talking about warning Governor DeSantis in Florida that he should not allow extradition of the former president’
By Grabien Staff


FIGLIUZZI: “So, you know, it’s interesting. We spent last week talking about bank failures and stress tests on the banking industry to see if they can withstand various stressors. I think, Alex, we are about to go through a different kind of stress test. Meaning, a stress test across law enforcement and for the rule of law, and law and order. What do I mean by that? This is not just a New York-centric security threat or challenge. This is something that needs to be treated by law enforcement, writ large, nationwide, as something they should be preparing for. Why? Because groups like the Boogaloo Boys are already preparing for it. They are already massing in private chat rooms on Facebook and other places, talking about civil war.”

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