Gaetz Claims McCarthy ‘Has No Real Intent to Follow Through’ on Impeaching Joe Biden

‘I couldn’t tell if you cut away to Kevin McCarthy or a commercial for Low-T’
By Grabien Staff


GAETZ: "Kevin McCarthy is going to advance an actual impeachment on Joe Biden, a lot like he was going to advance an impeachment of Ali Mayorkas. Remember back in January of this year, he kept saying we were going to impeach Mayorkas, and the people who were blocking his speakership were blocking the impeachment of Mayorkas? Well, once Kevin got power, all of that just went by the wayside. And I think that you’re witnessing the same gaslighting and the same illusion and the same mirage right here. He doesn’t really mean it. He knows he broke the deal in January. He knows there are enough of us in the Republican Conference who want to hold him do that deal, and so he’s throwing impeachment out like an ill-cast lure, and he has no real intent to follow through. By the way, if he did, we’d subpoena Hunter Biden. If this was a serious effort — call it an inquiry, an impeachment, oversight, whatever you want. If you were really serious, you’d subpoena Hunter Biden and get answers. They’re not serious, and that’s why you see this failure theater in the absence of real accountability."


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