Gillum Won’t Commit Honoring ICE Detainer Requests from the Trump Administration

‘What we have said, is one, to replace I.C.E. and put it inside the Department of Justice’
By Grabien Staff


DeSANTIS: “Will you honor a request from Donald Trump’s ICE Agency, if they provide a detainer request will you honor it as government? Will you work with Donald Trump, yes or no.”
GILLUM: “You can proceed with your time.”
DeSANTIS: “He won't answer. Jake, that’s important because that’s what happens when somebody is a criminal. I’ve been a prosecutor, I’ve worked with law enforcement. When they are in the system, they are convicted, maybe they serve ten years, but it comes time to come out. There’s a detainer request from I.C.E., you turn him over to I.C.E. Or releases him into the community. Andrew will not answer the question. That tells me he’d be willing to release them back.”
TAPPER: “Would you like to answer the — “
GILLUM: “Of course, I just think that the showboating is unnecessary. What we will do is we will follow the law. If you commit a crime, you do the time. If through the adjudicatory process and a judge issues a warrant for an arrest or movement into an ICE Facility — that's exactly what we would follow.”

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