Gov. Hochul: One of the Biggest Problems We Have Is to Go After the Crimes that Are Driving People Crazy Like Retail Theft

‘Selling them online as part of a larger criminal enterprise’
By Grabien Staff

HOCHUL: "Happy to talk about. They have been productive and I wanted to change the culture here in albany to not be so contentious. To fight for what we believe in but we have to describe for New York and give them a budget. On time was a little bit complicated since the deadline is Easter Sunday. We knew it was going to go into more days next week accommodate this holy holiday. That’s fine. We won’t go very late. I want to get this done. One of the biggest problems we have other than making where very enough resources to fight crime and to drive down repeat offenderns is to go after the crimes that are driving people crazy like retail theft. I have a whole package on how we can deal with the people sweeping the diapers off the shelfs and not using them for themselves but selling them online as part of a larger criminal enterprise. That is what we are going after as well. I’m working out all the details. You mentioned housing. This is one of the greatest challenges we have in the state of New York is to stop people from digging their heels in and being so myopic that we cannot build enough housing for the families, particularly black and brown family that have been fleeing the city because they can’t find housing that’s affordable. I want New York to be a place where people of all incomes and races can find a home and I want to get that building started now. I’m unrelenting in this. I will continue to work with the legislator and say we shouldn’t live here until we show a real commitment to giving people, everybody the dignity of the home and focusing on homelessness and making sure that young people coming in search of the great tech jobs have a place to live."

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