Greg Gutfeld Shares Video of His Mother-in-Law Reuniting with Her Daughter After Fleeing Ukraine

‘This video has been known to cause a run on tissues’


MOUSSA: "Thank you so much. Thank you so much."

HARRIGAN: "What was it like waiting?"

MOUSSA: "I'm sorry?"

HARRIGAN: "What was it like waiting?"

MOUSSA: "My God. It was awful. It was absolutely awful. But, I'm so happy to have my mom. My God."

[Clip ends]

GUTFELD: "Turn it off, she says! That was Harrigan. It's amazing they were still wearing their masks."

PIRRO: "Yeah."

GUTFELD: "You drive across a war-torn country for two days, I think you can probably take off your mask. But this was possible thanks to my incredible colleagues here at Fox. Steve Harrigan who you heard there interviewing my wife. Trey Yingst and Scott Wilder. So, she was fortunate enough to make it to safety. But there are still millions in danger."

(Via Mediaite)

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