Harris Claims Biden Was Clear on Putin, Gayle King Points Out He Wasn’t

‘He didn’t say that at the yesterday’s conference’
By Grabien Staff


‎KING: “The people in Ukraine today, we ‎understand, are very upset with that ‎because they believe that the president ‎has given Biden -- has given, rather ‎President Putin the green light. What do ‎you say to that? Because it does seem to ‎be very confusing."
HARRIS: "So, the president -- let me just first tell ‎you. I start every morning reading the ‎presidential daily briefing ‎which contains classified information ‎about threats to our national security ‎and hot spots around the world. I am ‎often in meetings in the Situation Room ‎where the president and I and members of ‎our -- leadership of our military, our ‎intelligence community, convene on these ‎issues. The President of the United ‎States, Joe Biden, has been very clear on ‎the subject of Ukraine, which is that if ‎Russia takes aggressive action there ‎will be severe and swift ‎consequences that there will be a price to pay --" [crosstalk]
KING: "He ‎didn’t seem to say that yesterday though ‎at the news conference. That’s why ‎there’s some -- that’s why I think ‎clarification is needed."
HARRIS: "Well, we are very ‎clear and we’ve been very clear ‎with Putin ‎that ‎any aggressive action taken by Russia ‎will meet a cost, a severe cost."‎

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