Harrison: Trump Is a Broke, Small, Thin Skin, Wannabe Dictator Who’s Calling for a Bloodbath When He Loses This Election in November

‘This is a man presently inciting political violence, people should understand that these threats need to be taken seriously’
By Grabien Staff

HARRISON: "You know this is a medic, Jonathan, of who Trump really is he is a good, small, thin skin, wannabe dictator is calling for a bloodbath when he loses this election in November. This is a man is presently inciting political violence. People and to understand that these threats need to be taken n seriously, and we should make ri sure that this man does not get anywhere close to being able to go back into the White House, and that’s why immigrants are working night and day to do what is best for the American people, and we are looking forward to November when we rw will show Trump, once again, once and for all, that there is no room in our democracy for his extremist behavior."

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