Hoover: Trump’s Announcement to Run for President Is So He Can Insulate Himself from Prosecution

‘This is a political posturing for him’
By Grabien Staff


HOOVER: "The adjective radical far left debatable — No, not debatable. Not true. Look, I understand from a legal perspective there’s a real debate whether this was necessary from Merrick Garland, from a political perspective, everybody and their mother knows that Donald Trump, one of the very good reasons for him to announce to run for president is insulate himself from prosecutions. This is a political posturing for him and the only way Merrick Garland can put some space between him having heat and the Department of Justice to make the decision whether to prosecute a former president or not is not make that decision, appoint somebody who is a buffer in between the two and I think that’s what Merrick Garland was doing."

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