In Kiev, Biden Vows Billions More for Ukraine, Will Keeping Sending Support ‘as Long as It Takes’

‘America stands with you and the world stands with you’


BIDEN: “Putin thought Ukraine was weak and the West was divided. As you know, Mr. President, I said to you in the beginning he's counting on us not sticking together. He was counting on the inability to keep NATO united. He was counting on us not to be able to bring in others on the side of Ukraine. He thought he could outlast us. I don't think he's thinking that right now. God knows what he's thinking but I don't think he's thinking that. But he's just been plain wrong, plain wrong. And one year later the evidence is right here in this room. We stand here together. Mr. President, I am delighted to be able to repay your visit to our country. In Washington, not long ago, you told us -- you told the Congress, quote, ‘We have no fear nor should anyone in the world have it’ -- end of quote. You and all Ukrainians, Mr. President, remind the world every single day what the meaning of the word courage is. From all sectors of your economy, all walks of life it's astounding. You remind us that freedom is priceless. It's worth fighting for as long as it takes and that's how long we're going to be with you, Mr. President -- for as long as it takes.”



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