Ingraham Battles Gorka on Syria: ‘Don’t Get On Your Moral High Horse with Me’

By Grabien Staff


INGRAHAM: "Sebastian, last word."
GORKA: "Just listen to what the president said. He said very clearly, we are not there to do some kind of intervention like in the gulf war back in 2003. We are there to make a stand against one of the most heinous forms of weapons known to man that are illegal? If we do nothing, then America as a nation starts to lose its meaning for what it represents. I know you believe in what that nation represents. You’re a believer. You believe in the eternal values that our founding fathers instilled in those founding documents. If it means anything today, we take this action."
INGRAHAM: "I think we could all pull out quotes."
GORKA: "It’s not funny."
INGRAHAM: "But, Sebastian, don’t get on your moral high horse with me. Don’t play that game with me tonight."
GORKA: "It’s not a joke."
INGRAHAM: "You’re raising the flag of the framers. I can quote where they’re warning us about get America entangled in foreign affairs over which we can have little effect. I’m not saying it’s applicable here. But it’s a complicated situation."

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