Ingraham Rips Strikes: Trump Promised to ‘Rethink’ U.S. Role in Middle East

‘There’s horrible stuff happening all over the world’
By Grabien Staff


INGRAHAM: “It is interesting, the president’s elected over a year ago, he ran on being a non-interventionist. But these are two very limited, targeted, so far at least with this last one, military strikes. But nevertheless, when you look back on some of the president’s old tweets — and tweets can really come back and bite you, we know that. In 2013, ‘We should stop talking, stay out of Syria and other countries that hate us, rebuild our own country, make it strong and make it great again.' ‘What I’m saying is, stay out of Syria,’ It goes on. ‘If the U.S. attacks Syria and hits the wrong target and hits civilians, there will be to hell to pay.” These tweets go on and on, mostly from September 2013, of course when Obama was still in. Is this just the reality of governance now, the reality of being commander in chief?”
NEIWEEM: “I think it’s the reality of when you step into that Oval Office and know what you only know when you're the president, you're looking at that information; you want to hit hard and want to be effective without have that ground footprint increase.”
INGRAHAM: “Yeah. There’s no ground troops — we have 2,000 people there. Not to minimize that. That’s a lot of troops. But --”
BRAMER: “We have 2,000 on the ground there and many, many more in the region. And I’ll back up what Chris said. The president doesn’t want to go in there. But he’s a human being. And when you look on TV and you see the horrible images of these children and these women —“
INGRAHAM: “—But as I said before, we can hold up what the bishops in South Sudan have shown the world community and nobody cares. What's happening in South Sudan. We can see this in Nigeria. What happened to the girls taken by Boko Haram. There are horrific things; China's still cutting babies out of wombs, they have re-education camps in China. I mean, yeah, it's horrible, but there’s horrible stuff happening all over the world, not with probably chemical weapons, but with burnings, mutilations, mass rape. That's all I'm saying: There’s only so much America can do. And I’m speaking for what I think are people out there who are worried. And they're worried because they're gun shy because of Iraq. They're very worried about that. And that's one of the reasons Trump won this election. Because unlike the Bushes and unlike Romney and Rubio, Trump came out and said, 'You know something? It was a mistake, and we should rethink how we deploy our forces Middle East.' And I think, obviously a lot of people, a majority of people, agree with that.”
NEIWEEM: “I’ll agree with that.”


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