Intercept Writer: ‘If You Collude with an Adversary’ to Take over the U.S., ‘You’re a Traitor’

‘That to me is almost a textbook definition of treason’
By Grabien Staff


HAYES: "Let me ask about the headline in the sort of piece, the question you posed, is Donald Trump a titor? People dismiss it because it seems too much to contemplate. Why is that to you the core question?"
RISEN: "That's what all this is saying, was Donald Trump elected with the help of Russia? Did he cooperate with a foreign government to take control of the United States government? That to me is almost a textbook definition of treason and if he did that, if collusion is proven then I think almost by definition he's a traitor, and I think everyone is afraid of the consequences of using that word because it's so fraught. That is essentially what it is. If you collude with an adversary of the United States to take over the government of the United States, you're a traitor."

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